Grooming from tip to tail!

Call us at (608) 241-1000 for a grooming appointment.  Grooming prices vary based on breed. 

We take care to make sure your pet's grooming experience is as comfortable as possible. Lisa has been our groomer for over a year now, and is very in tune with your pets well-being.

Included in Our Grooming Package:

Bath: We get your pet cuddle-up clean.  We also have a variety of shampoos for sensitive skin. 

Hand drying: Unlike cage drying, hand drying allows us to blow out the coat from the base of the skin.  The whole coat gets dried from the inside out, preventing trapped moisture and blowing out dead hairs to reduce shedding.

Brush and Cut: Your pet's style is up to you. 

Pedicure: We trim or dremel your pet's nails. 

Ears: We check, clean and pluck ears as needed. 

Anal Glands: We empty these embarrassing glands as part of our grooming package.

All for one low package price!